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Old Age Not Desirable

Old Age Not Desirable.

The Gerocomice[В1] , or art of prolonging life to old persons, is ascribed to Herodicus, one of Hippocrates's masters who is censured for it by Plato and I think very justly. For, why should people be made anxious to live, when they can in reality no longer enjoy life ? when they are soon to be a burden to themselves and all about them ?

Gassendus is said to have lamented, while the physicians were "bleeding him to death, that he perished in a fresh and vigorous old age “, but I know not how to believe it of him : Gassendus was too wise for this. A man of sixty-four, as Gassendus nearly was, however unimpaired in either body or mind, may justly be reckoned, according to Horace's idea, conviva satur[В2] ; .and to any offers made him might then, as I should think, with sincerity reply, that he had indeed had enough of every thing.

[В1]hoc est Senes rite educandi modus et ratio

GÉROCOMIE , f. f. gerocomia , gerocomice , de γερων, un vieillard , & de κομεω, je prends soin; partie de la Médecine, qui prescrit un régime aux vieillards.

Eine Kunst der Altersbegleitung, die wir heute Geriatrie nennen,

[В2]Book I, satire i, line 117.

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