klausnick/莫罗佐夫·尼科莱/профан (klausnick) wrote,

Типограф к читателям

The Printer to the severest sort of Reders [sic].

In regard of the absence sometimes of the Author to supervise, and for want of able Correctors in so many diffring [sic] languages under this Insulary Region cut off fom [sic] the rest of mankind, ther [sic] will be som [sic] erratas of the Presse [sic] found up and down in this first Impression: But tis [sic] to be hoped that the Generous and discreet Reder [sic], without stumbling at every straw, or making mountains of molehills, will passe [sic] by such light faults, and go still on to the full sense of the thing without any descanting[В1]  overcriticall [sic] humor; For tis [sic] a Rule full of good Morality that is to be observd [sic] in the reding [sic] of books, Agnoscendum quod bene, ignoscendum quod secùs, acknowledge whats [sic] good, excuse whats [sic] otherwise.

 [В1]talk tediously or at length

Tags: издание, читатель

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