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飞龙猛将 (Dragons Forever)

Оказывается, в названии старого фильма с Джеки Чаном никакого "всегда" нет. В одной из статей вики есть более точный перевод: Brave Dragons. 


飞龙    fēi lóng wyvern [В1] (type of dragon)

猛将    měng jiàng        fierce general; valiant military leader; fig. brave individual

 [В1]a legendary winged creature with a dragon's head, reptilian body, two legs (sometimes none), and a barbed tail. Depending on the cultural specifications, wyverns can breathe fire, or possess a venomous bite, or possess neither or both of these.


The usual spelling wyvern (older wivern too) is not attested before the 17th century as 'winged two-footed dragon'.[2] It is an alteration of Middle English wyvere, wyver (13th century), loanword of Old French wivre (French guivre and vouivre), itself from Latin vipera 'viper', 'adder', 'asp',[3][4] altered in Proto-French to *wipera by Germanic influence (see Old High German wipera).

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