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die (The Oxford Thesaurus) v. 1 lose one's life, lay down one's life, perish, expire, decease, suffer death, (Euphemistic) depart, give up the ghost, be no more, (go to) meet one's Maker, breathe one's last, go to the happy hunting-grounds, go to one's reward, go to one's final or last resting-place, go west, pay the debt of nature, pay one's debt to nature, pass through the pearly gates, pass away or on, join the majority, go the way of all flesh; (Slang) pop off, bite the dust, kick the bucket, croak, (Brit) snuff it, go for a burton, pop one's clogs, US turn up one's toes, cash in one's chips or checks.
Run/ring down the curtain, join the bleedin' choir invisible, stop breathing, sleep one’s last sleep, go to one’s last home, cross the Styx, end one’s earthly career
Merriam-Webster’s Thesaurus
cash in, ‖check out, conk, ‖cop out, ‖croak, decease, demise, depart, drop, expire, go, ‖kick in, ‖kick off, pass, pass away, pass out, peg out, perish, pip, pop off, ‖snuff (out), succumb, ‖swelt
(idiom) be gathered to one's fathers, bite the dust (or ground), breathe one's last, cash in one's checks (or chips), give up the ghost, ‖kick the bucket, ‖kick up one's heels, meet one's end, shuffle off this mortal coil, ‖snuff it, turn up one's toes (to the daisies)
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