klausnick/莫罗佐夫·尼科莱/профан (klausnick) wrote,

Every single one of us needs to step up.

However, I wonder if part of the problem we are facing now is that we are trying to blame other forces rather than accepting the truth: there are a lot of humans, and the way we are living right now is destroying our world. Perhaps if our expectations were more realistic (that there are hard times coming), we might be able to face these challenges a little more productively. Taiwan was prepared for a serious virus to come from China, since it had before, and that preparation allowed them to deal with it. Singapore is preparing for sea level rise. What do we need to do - as individuals, as countries, and as a species that currently has no where to live besides one planet - so that we can get through this challenge? (We have less than a decade to do this, by the way.)

The argument that this problem is one that young people need to solve is bullshit. We have known the solutions for decades: stop consuming so much damn stuff. 2020 was a lesson that older people can't just ignore climate change because they won't be here for it. The problems of climate change - fires, drought, birds dropping dead by the tens of thousands, pandemic - are here right now. Every single one of us needs to step up. Just like in the pandemic, you aren't wearing a mask just for yourself. You are wearing it to protect everyone. Likewise, we all need to stop blaming others and look at our own consumption (while trying to get others - and our government - to do the same).
Tags: Байден, США, климат, маски, пандемия

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