klausnick/莫罗佐夫·尼科莱/профан (klausnick) wrote,

Report on Socotra

The Socotrian numerals
1 tand
2 terean
3 thedder
4 urubah
5 hamish
6 heitah
7 heibah
8 tomani
9 scab
10 ushari
11 ushari tand
12 ushari terean
20 usharum (two tens)

A few words of the Socotrian language
Kahr house
Kokut stars
Toohlerdee come here
Ree head
Lissen tongue
Baithde eggs
Kelb dog
Kofeia cup
Sundook box or chest
Sherachah go away
Deah bad
Tohtatrer look
Tags: Сокотра, язык

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