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Pronunciation of the Letters

Elementary grammar of the Latin language,
with a series of Latin and English exercises for translation and
a collection of Latin reading lessons,
with the requisite vocabularies.
R. Raphael Kühner,
translated from the German
professor of Greek and Latin in Waterville college.
B O S T O N :
JAMES MUNROE and company.

2. Pronunciation of the Letters.
C before e, i, y, ae, oe, eu, is pronounced like s, but in other cases like k, as: celsus (selsus) cicer, cymba, caecus, ceu, coelum; but, caro (karo), collum, custos, clamor;
Ch is pronounced like k;
Gu before a vowel in the same syllable like gw, as: lingua;
Ph like our f, as: pharêtra;
Rh as a simple r, as: Rhea;
Sch like sk, as: schola (skola);
Qu is pronounced like kw, as: aqua;
Su before a vowel in the same syllable like sw, as: suasor;
Ti before a vowel is pronounced like shi, as: action (acshio). But if the i is long, the hissing sound disappears, as: totius. Besides, ti (with the i short) is pronounced without the hissing sound: a) if there is immediately before the t another t, an s, or an a, as: Attius, ostium, mixtio; b) in Greek words as: Miltiades, tiāra.
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