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паки про знаки ударения у греков и римлян

An Essay on the Different Nature of Accent and Quantity:

With Their Use and Application in the English, Latin, and Greek Languages: Containing Remarks on the Metre of the English; on the Origin and Aeolism of the Roman; on the General History of the Greek; with an Account of Its Ancient Tones ...

Авторы: John Foster, John Taylor, Henry Gally, Jeremiah Markland, Marcus Musurus, Markos Mousouros




I cannot here omit taking notice of a great impropriety in the use of circumflex and acute marks in modern editions of Latin authors, in which we continually meet with these marks on the last syllables of words, as in adverbs doctè, ferè, (this final grave mark being understood, according to grammarians, to have the power of an acute) and oblique cases of substantives, as musâ, gradûs, in direct opposition to Quintilian’s declaration here, that neither the acute nor circumflex ever fall on the last syllable. There were some persons