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Rory wants to watch the football

A few nights ago his roger iron rusted[НВ1] .

He'd gone down the battle cruiser [НВ2] to watch the football.

No one's watching the custard[НВ3] , so he switches the channel.

A fat geezer[НВ4] 's north[НВ5] opens. He wanders up and turns the Liza[НВ6] over.

"Fuck off and watch it somewhere else."

He knows claret [НВ7] is imminent, but he doesn't want to miss the game.

Calm as a coma, picks up the fire extinguisher, walks past the jam rolls [НВ8] ready for action and plonks it outside the entrance.

He orders an aristotle[НВ9] of the most ping-pong [НВ10] tiddly[НВ11] in the nuclear sub [НВ12] and switches back to his footer[НВ13] .

"That's fucking it," says the geezer.

"That's fucking what?" says Rory.

He gobs out a mouthful of booze, covering Fatty.

He flicks a flaming match into his bird's nest [НВ14] and the geezer's lit up like a leaking gas pipe.

Rory, unfazed[НВ15] , turns back to his game.

His team's won, too. Four nil.

[НВ1]an amalgam of "Roger Mellie" - telly and and "Iron Rusted" - busted

[НВ2]Boozer (Pub).

[НВ3]telly (TV)

Custard and Jelly

[НВ5]North South is rhyming slang for “mouth”

[НВ6]Telly (TV) Liza Minelli

[НВ7]blood (probably because of its colour)




[НВ11]Tiddlywink = Drink


[НВ15]равнодушный, безразличный, безучастный

Tags: англичане, кино, кокни

  • Not to my knowledge

    non quod sciam (Plaut.)

  • борода-2

    Cum quaedam, cur sim barbatus, virgo rogaret, Hoc, dixi, vultu territus hostis abit. Tunc illa id falsum tibi vel me teste probabo. Quae glabra…

  • борода

    Quid est homo sine barba? R. Piscis sine squammis, ursus sine crine, foemina sine pilis, canis sine cauda.

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