klausnick/莫罗佐夫·尼科莱/профан (klausnick) wrote,

It is definitely more stressful to be home than to travel.

We're home from traveling! It is definitely more stressful to be home than to travel. When I travel, the most I will have to do is pack up my stuff and stand around while one of my companions gets us transportation to where we need to go. I may go for a long walk or buy groceries. I may just sit on the couch all day reading. At home, I have a ton of things to do. Yeah, they are the normal things that I always do, like grocery shopping, seeing doctors, working on creative projects, organizing visiting friends, but they still cause a lot more anxiety than sitting on the couch reading. Of course, I could sit on the bed and read, but I like doing these things. They just are stressful.

Во многом согласен. Когда попадаешь в другую обстановку, время как бы останавливается, привычные проблемы отодвигаются и живёшь в каком-то другом мире. 
Tags: проблемы, путешествие, стресс

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