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True things from God’s word. In words of one syllable. LONDON: 1871

God made the world we live in, we are told, in six days. He made the day and the night on the first day. On the next day He made the sky. On the third day the dry land and the sea were set in their place, and the earth brought forth grass and herbs with their seeds, and trees with their fruit. On the fourth day God made the sun, and moon, and stars — the sun to give light by day, and the moon by night, and to make the changes of heat and cold, wet and dry, in the year. Then on the fifth day God made the fishes and the fowls that they might swim and fly. On the sixth day God made the beasts and all the things that creep on the earth. Last of all he made man to rule over all the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, and all that had life and could move on the earth, and all the trees with their fruits, and the herbs with their seeds were to be food for him.

When God made all this, He saw that all was quite good. Then God made an end of all this work, and set one day for a day of rest, which we call the Lord's Day.

When God made the first man, He gave him the name of Adam; and to his wife, whom God gave him, He gave the name of Eve. God put them in a fine place, which had the name of the "Garden of Eden," where all was good both for sight and taste. God told man to dress and keep it, and that he might eat of all but one tree in it ; but that if he ate that, he should die.

Then God brought to Adam all the things that had life, and Adam gave them their names.

Now, there is a bad one, whose name is Satan, or the Devil. He came to Eve and said "Hath God said : 'You are not to eat the fruit of all the trees here ? ' " She said: "We may eat of all but one; but if we eat or touch that one, we shall die." The Devil said : "You shall not be sure to die, for God knows that in the day ye eat of it, you shall see so well, you shall be as gods, and know good and bad.'' Then Eve took a look at the tree, and saw it was good for food, and thought it would make her so wise. So she took the fruit and ate of it, and gave Adam some, and he ate of it too. Then they felt how wrong they had done; and when they heard God's voice it made them full of fear, and they hid in the trees. But no one can hide from God ; and He said : " Where art thou, Adam ? " Adam said he heard God call, and fear made him hide.

And God then said: "Have you done what I told you not to do ? Have you been to that tree, and did you eat of it ? " Adam said ; " Yes ; Eve gave it me, and I ate it." And Eve said : " Satan told me how good it would be for me." God then said to Satan : " That now there should be war ; for Eve's seed should know what, through him, she had done — what a lie he had told her, and what they had lost through it." And God put a curse on him, and said, that though he should bruise the heel of her seed, her seed should bruise his head.

By this God meant his dear Son, who should some day be born in the world, and by Satan's means be put to death; but that by that death men might be made free from sin, and the curse which his brought on them.

But now Adam and Eve had to leave their good home to work for their food ; for now there would be weeds and thorns in the ground.

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