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In India, during the years 1780, 1781, 1782, and 1783


London 1794.

THE natives first seen in India by an European voyager, are Hindoos, the original inhabitants of the Peninsula. In this part of India they are delicately framed, their hands[1] in particular are more like those of tender females ; and do not appear to be, what is considered a proper proportion to the rest of the person, which is usually above the middle size. Correspondent to this delicacy of appearance are their manners, mild, tranquil, and sedulously attentive : in this last respect they are indeed remarkable, as they never interrupt any person who is speaking, but wait patiently till he has concluded ; and then answer with the most perfect respect and composure.

[1] IT has been observed of the arms frequently brought to this country, that
the gripe of the sabre is too small for most European hands.
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