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II. Since, signifying from the, or that time that, is rendered by ut, quod, cum, and postquam : as, It is now a year since it was put back; est jam annus, ut repulsam tulit ; Cic.
This is the third day since I heard it; tertius hic dies est quod audivi; Plin.
It is a long time since you went from home ; jamdudum factum est, cum abisti domo ; Plaut.
It is now going on seven months since she came to you; postquam ad te venit, mensis hic agitur jam Septimus ; Ter.
Sometimes in this sense it is rendered by a, ab, ex, and post, with a word denoting the term of time from which the distance or space is understood to be: as,
Since his death this is the three-and-thirtieth year ; cujus a morte hic tertius et trigesimus annus est ; Cic.
It is now a hundred days since the death of Clodius ; ab interitu Clodii centesima haec lux est ; Cic.
I call into question all that you have done since that day to this ; ex ea die ad hanc diem quae fecisti in judicium voco ; Dic.
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