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A dictionary of geography

A dictionary of geography,


a succinct description of all the countries of the globe, their physical and political geography, the several races of their inhabitants, and their ancient as well as modern denominations; together with a brief notice of all the capitals and principal towns; also of seas, rivers, and mountains; and a glossary of geographical terms

by Josiah Conder,





It extends above 11,000 miles in length, with an average breadth of nearly 1500 miles, and its superficial area is 920,000 square leagues, or, according to other estimates, more than 7,000,000 of square miles; being the ninth part of terra firma and the twenty-eighth part of the whole globe. The greater part of the Russian territory, however, is but the waste land of the civilized world; and Asiatic Russia is scarcely habitable. With a territory forty-two times the extent of France, it has not double its population, nor one-half of its revenue. The subjects of the British empire, including India and the colonies, are considerably more than double the population of the Russian empire; and the revenue of Great Britain is almost quadruple that of Russia. Yet, on the other hand, European Russia is about seventeen times as large as Great Britain and Ireland, and contains, scattered over its immense surface, much more than double the population.

But in 1828, the total population of the empire was estimated at 62,592,000 souls, of the

following nations :

Slavonians . . . . .54,800,000 ||

Esquimaux . . . . 90,000

Fins . . . . . . 3,000,000 |

Samoyeds . . . . .70,000

Tatars . . . . . 2,500,000 |

Mantchoos . . . . . 65,000

Caucasians . . . . . 1,010,000 |

Indians . . . . . 25,000

Germans . . . . . 500,000 ||

Kamtschadales . . .  12,000

Mongols . . . . 320,000 |

Various and unknown 1,000,000

Classed according to their religious creeds, there were supposed to be, 46,000,000 of Greeks, 6,000,000 of Roman Catholics, 2,700,000 Lutherans and Reformed, 79,000 Armenians, 6000 Jews, 3,300,000 Mohammedans, 700,000 Shamanese, and 210,000 Lamaites. In density of population, even European Russia ranks below Norway and Sweden.

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