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SEPTEM LINGVARVM, BELGIСAE, Anglicae, Tevtonicae, Latinae, Itálicae, Hispanicae, Gallicae
Leodii [Liège]
Pagina 38
Hermes. God geeve you good morrow, John.
I. And you also, Hermes. Good morrow geeue you God.
H. How doo you?
I. I am well. I thanke God, at your commandement, and you, Hermes, how is it with you, well?
H. I am also well, how doth your Father and your Mother?
I. They are well, Thanks be to God.
H. What doo you so earlie up?
I. Is it not time to be up?
H. Are you yeat fasting? Have you not broken your fast?
 I. No not yeat, it is yeat to earlie. And you, have you broken your fast?
H. Yea, an hower agon, should I fast so long? From whence com you?
I. From whence I com?  I com from the schoole, from the church, and from the market.
H. Whether go you?
I. I go home.
H. What a clock is it?
I. It is almost twelve aclock.
H. Is  it so late?
I. I must go hence, I shall be shent of my mother.
Shend. verb (used with object), shent, shending. Archaic.
1. to put to shame.
2. to reproach or scold.
3. to destroy or injure; damage.]

H. Have you so great hast? Hath not our meister asked for mee?
I. Ihave not heard him, I can tarrie no longer. Farwell, I go.
H. Go your way. God guyde you.
I. God geeve you goodeven.
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