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Writing becomes a dreary task when the writer has to wait for thoughts.

Before sitting down to write, the student would do well to compose in his own mind, instead of composing as he writes. Writing becomes a dreary task when the writer has to wait for thoughts. Of that genial essayist, Charles Lamb, it is said that he never sat at his desk to think. This was the work of his, apparently, purposeless strolls in the Strand, Fleet Street, or the Hertfordshire meadows ; for walking was the only recreation he allowed himself. To an enquiry as to when Scott did his thinking, the great novelist replied : " Oh, I lie simmering over things for an hour or so before I get up, and there's the time I am dressing to overhaul my half-sleeping, half-waking projet de chapitre, and when I put paper before me, it is commonly run off pretty easily."
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