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American and British English

My British friend was filling out a lottery ticket at the grocery store recently. She glanced up at the young man helping her and asked if he had a rubber. When she noticed his confusion and discomfort, she quickly corrected and asked for an eraser, which, in England, is often called a rubber. For you Brits, a rubber is the slang word for condom in the US. That gave us a chuckle.

Funny British Slang Words

My friend’s son attends elementary school and was learning a dance in PE class. He was a bit nervous about dancing in front of the others, and the teacher told him to just shake his fanny. He was quite taken aback, since fanny is British slang for a certain female body part! In the US, fanny is the polite word for rear-end, so the teacher was really telling him to “shake his booty.” He would have understood if she had said bum, but that would be the word for hobo in the US. Of course, the British word for hobo is tramp, which in the US means hooker…………..and round and round we go!

Imagine a young American couple nearing their wedding date. The bride-to-be may say to her fiancé, “Hon, our wedding is only two months away - I think we need to take some shagging lessons.” If you live in the US, you know that shagging is a popular swing dance, particularly in my home state, South Carolina. The British, however, would think it quite humourous that this woman would be suggesting lessons in, well……sexual intercourse! That is the British meaning for their slang word, shagging. My friend really gets a kick out of the Shagging Contests that are announced over the radio here.
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