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A True Faithful Relation

A True Faithful Relation of what Passed for many years between Dr Dee and some spirits



P. 188

Gab Every Letter signifieth the member of the substance whereof it speaketh. Every word signifieth the quiddity of the substance. The Letters are separated, and in confusion ; and therefore, are by numbers gathered together : which also gathered signifie a number; for as every greater containeth his lesser, so are the secret and unknown forms of things knit up in their parents : Where being known in number, they are easily distinguished, so that herein we teach places to be numbred : letters to le elected from the numbred, and proper words from the letters signifying substantially the thing that is spoken of in the center of his Creator, whereby even as the minde of man moved at an ordered speech, And is easily perswaded in things that are true, so are the creatures of God stirred up in themselves, when they hear the words wherewithal they were nursed and brought forth : For nothing moveth, that is not perswaded : neither can any thing be perswaded that is unknown. The Creatures of God understand you not, you are not of their Cities : you are become enemies, because you are separated from him that Governeth the City by ignorance.

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