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白富美 [bai fu mei]

Baifumei are women with fair complexion, richness, and beauty (the term is a literal combination of the three attributes), basically a female version of Gaofushuai.

Baifumei, emerging in recent years, constitute the major consumer demography and are trend-setters in big and medium-sized cities. As high as 81.2 percent of young Chinese see Baifumei or their male counterpart Gaofushuai as ideal partners, according to a survey carried out by China Youth Daily in May.

Guo Meimei, a young pretty woman, claimed to be the general manager of China's Red Cross Commerce and kept showing off online. She partly reduced Baifumei to women who are mercenary, materialistic, arrogant and idiotic. Some netizens have thus revised the definition of Baifumei to women who have character, intelligence and personality.

Moreover, the emergence of Baifumei also demonstrates a change in the Chinese perception of women and the ensuing spouse-seeking standard. Whereas Chinese women used to be seen and encouraged to be weak and obedient, Chinese now tend to favor beautiful women who embrace good character and economic independence.

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