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Okhotsk (pronounced "ohotsk") is the name of the mountainous northeastern region of Hokkaido - the northernmost island of Japan - facing the Okhotsk Sea. Extensive forests, rich soil, and the marine resources support the area's main industries of lumber, agricultural produce, and fisheries. With twenty-six cities, towns and villages, Okhotsk is home to about 350,000 people, and while there is a decreasing trend, the number of households is actually on the rise.
Average temperatures range from about 19º C in summer to -7º C in winter. Covered with snow during the winter months, Okhotsuku attracts visitors from all over Japan who come to enjoy a multitude ofwinter sports.

The frozen ice of the Okhotsk Sea creates conditions that make this area one of the greatest recipients of sunlight in Japan.

More information can be found at the Okhotsk Fantasia web site athttp://www.ohotuku26.or.jp/ and
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