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An E-book and a dead-tree book

An E-book and a dead-tree book

Every book, be it an E-book or a dead-tree book, consists of the body (like a shell of the nut) and the contents (like a seed in the nut). The contents may be common to both kinds, but the body differs. Does it really matter for the reader which one is being read? It doesn’t, at first sight. But what about the rustle of pages? The smell of aged paper? The marginal notes of the former owner? All these aspects contribute to the idea of superiority of paper book over E-book. The latter has something impersonal about it. The paper book is my own. I have inherited it from ancestors. There are books printed in the old Russian orthography. They have a flavor about them which the E-books are devoid of.

Long live the good old paper book!

Tags: книги, электронная библиотека

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