February 27th, 2021

Foreign terms and phrases

1. From the Latin,

Brutum fulmen, a harmless threat. (Thunder that consists in mere noise, and is unattended by a bolt that strikes.)

Cacoethes loquendi, an over-fondness for speaking.

Ex tempore, without premeditation.

Ex vi termini, by the meaning or force of the expression.

Fac simile, a close imitation.

Functus officii, out of office.

Hortus siccus, a collection of dried plants.

Index expurgatorius, a list of prohibited books.

Multum in parvo,  much in little.

Mutatis mutandis, the necessary changes being made.

Nemine contradicente, no one contradicting. (Without a dissenting voice.)

Nemo me impune lacessit, no one attacks me with impunity.

Ne plus ultra, the uttermost point.

Ne quid nimis,  not too much of any thing.

Quid-nunc, a newsmonger. (Lit. What now ?)

Quid pro quo, an equivalent.

Travels through part of Russian empire

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Санкт-Петербург, август, 1814,


Добропорядочное поведение жителей и круглосуточное спокойствие в городе удивительны. Среди низших классов заметно сильное пьянство, но даже в таком состоянии они не шумят и не ссорятся. Отчасти это объясняется природными качествами   (constitution), отчасти результатом деспотизма.