September 23rd, 2018

The first practical reading lesson.

Teacher. Look at this word. Say all the letters.
Child. (cheerfully) C-a-t.
Teacher. That’s right. Now, what word does that make?
Child. (with decision) Sate.
Teacher. No, my dear. Kat, remember that. Now spell the next word.
Child. (rather disconcerted) D-o-g.
Teacher. Very well. Now, what does that make?
Child. (hesitatingly) doje.
Teacher. No, dog. Now, go on, and directly you have named the letters, pronounce the word.
Child. D-o, dough.
Teacher. No, my dear. D-o, doo.
Child. N-o, noo.
Teacher. (impatiently) N-o, no.
Child. G-o, joe.
Teacher. No, you stupid child! G-o, go.