September 21st, 2018

Федорино горе

Часто после моего мытья посуды меня упрекают: «Какие-то у тебя тарелки жирные!» А с чего бы им быть худыми? Кормят их хорошо.

Initial interview

Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and introduce yourself.  Wait to be told to take a seat. Look directly at the person talking in order to show respect, interest, and attention. Make frequent eye contact. Sit straight, but not rigid. Avoid fidgeting. Be prepared for a little small talk, but don't overdo it. Follow the interviewer's lead and let them guide the direction of the conversation.

Education and what we can do to promote it

There are two kinds of family. One where children go to bed before 9 pm, and the other where they go to bed after 9 pm. What can be done to get rid of children no later than 9 pm? The most reliable instrument is whipping. Select a good strong whip, show it to the little devils and tell them to go to bed immediately, if they do not want to experience your anger.