March 2nd, 2018


باديه bädyah, A capacious earthen vessel, in which wine is kept; also a large deep jug in which wine is brought to table; and, from thence, filled into the smaller cups, to prevent the spirit from evaporating.

coiffure à la nation

 У Анатоля Франса наткнулся на упоминание coiffure à la nation. Гугль не помог. Поиск в коллекции скаченных словарей привёл к History of Fashion in France; From the French of M. Augustin Challamel. London 1882. Там нашёл ответ:

A very large bouquet, " à la nation," was worn high up on the left side, composed of flowers of the three colours, mingled with a profusion of myrtle.

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