February 17th, 2016

Типа Пенелопа

Типа Пенелопа
На девичьем сайте нашёл интересное откровение. Дама увлекается вязанием, но не знает, куда девать связанное, ибо весьма трудолюбива. И вот она стала распускать готовую вещь, чтобы связать новую. Понятно, что сперва связанное фоткает на память и выкладывает в Интернете.

любезный! (уважаемый!)

Those forms of speech which are called Americanisms are in most cases nothing more than the local vulgarisms of England here made national.
Of all these errors probably the most general and certainly the most offensive, is the constant termination of sentences in conversation, by the word " Sir." The frequent use of that word should find place only where you wish to treat your companion with great respect or with great contempt, but in the ordinary intercourse of men it should be of very rare occurrence. It becomes a footman more than a gentleman. You should not use it even in addressing or answering a stranger: you can convey by the tone of your voice to ' no' or ' yes,' all the courtesy which you intend to exhibit by ' no, Sir' or ' yes, Sir.'
The general fault of the conversation-language of Americans is that it is too studied, too elevated, too bookish, not natural and plain enough. They seem to labour under a nervous apprehension that they may be deemed vulgar if they employ their ordinary domestic phrases ; not remembering that nature is never vulgar, and fastidiousness almost always is.