November 20th, 2014


B. Get up. Lost time is never found again. (After a pause.) You don't answer? (A . snores.) Oh ! the sluggard ; he is asleep again. (Loud.) Come, my friend, rouse yourself!
A. Morning sleep is so sweet. I like to sleep late in the morning.
B. I do not know how you can lie so long in bed.
A. When a man is his own master, he can sleep at his ease.
B. Great men are little sleepers,
A. Oh ! I am not ambitious.
B. In all countries industrious people get up early.
A. I have funds; my money works for me.
B. We should employ every hour.
A. I do not know how to pass the time When I am up ; it bores me.
B. That boring entered the world with idleness. Do as I do and you will escape it.
A. What do you do then?
B. 1 divide my time between the pleasures of my age, and the business which is my duty.
A. Well said. At what o'clock do you get up ?
B. At six, summer and winter.
A. And you go lo bed?
B. At ten.
A. I will try to follow your example.
B. You will do well. But meanwhile you are not yet out of bed.
A. In faith, it is true. Come, now I am up. I am dressing myself .