February 11th, 2014



Конституционный суд постановил:

Впредь укравшего чужую собственность именовать не вором, а лицом, хозяйствующим в чужом кармане.

Впредь шлюху именовать не б-дью, а дамой, предоставившей себя за деньги во временное пользование.


Orchard, a garden of fruit-trees. The older form is ortgeard. We also find wyrtgeard, to translate Lat. promptuarium. Ortgeard and wyrtgeard are mere variants, both signifying ‘wort-yard’, i.e. yard of worts or vegetables. The form ort is due to a Teutonic type URTI, put for WARTI; and the form wyrt to a Teut. WORTI, also put for WARTI.


WORT, a plant. A.S. wyrt, a wort. Closely allied to Wart and Root.

A plant, herb, or vegetable, used for food or medicine; often = pot-herb.

Not in ordinary use after the middle of the 17th cent. and now arch. As a second element, however, retained in various plant-names, as colewort, liverwort.


YARD, an enclosed space. A.S. geard, an enclosure, court. Russ. gorod. From the Teut. base GARDA = Aryan GHARTA, a yard, court, enclosure. GHAR, to seize, hence to enclose. Skt. hri, to take, Gk.χείρ, the hand.


WART, a small hard excrescence, on the skin, or on trees. A.S. wearte, pl. weartan. From Teut. Type WARTAN or WARTA. The original sense is ‘growth’, hence out-growth or excrescence. And it is closely related to Wort.


my enchilada was served with both chips and rice where one or the other would have done.

Здесь chips не чипсы, а жареная картошка, потому что автор из Британии.