January 8th, 2014

Две кошки и одна мышка

Deux chats et une souris, deux femmes et un mari, deux chiens avec un os n'ont jamais de repos. Zwei Katzen und eine Maus, zwei Weiber in einem Haus, zwei Hunde und ein Bein, gehn selten Freundschaft ein. Due gatti con un Sorcio, due femmine con un maschio, due cani con un osso, non hanno mai gran Riposo. Two cats and a mouse, two wives in one house, two dogs and a bone never agree in one.





Words of counsel and admonition should be administered in private : who can hear (or "who will listen to") a parrot's voice in ­the room where the ­drums are beaten ?

Pand aur nasiihat kii baaten niraale men sunaanii chaahiye : naqqaar-chaane men tuutii ki aawaaz kaun sunegaa ?

نقار خانے میں توتے كى آواز کون سنگا؟

The second part of this sentence gives the proverb. nirale men is Hindi ; the Urdu equivalent is khalvat men.

निराले aside, apart

خلوت retirement, privacy, solitude