November 11th, 2013

Hemp Prophecy

Hemp Prophecy.

The disinclination of our forefathers to cultivate hemp, or as they spelt it Hempe, gave rise to a curious distich : " When once hempe is spun, England's done." Lord Bacon notices this popular saying, which afterwards became a prophecy in ages of superstition. This prophecy was supposed to have been fulfilled at the accession of James I., by the decease of all the sovereigns whose names began with all these ominous letters, viz. Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, Philip (her Spanish husband), and Elizabeth. When they had expired, England was done" of course, because James was a Scotch king.

Dialogues chinois-latins

Dialogues chinois-latins

Traduits mot à mot

Avec la prononciation accentuée

Publiés par Paul Perny, M. A.

Paris, 1872

Cum venerit manducandi oryzam hora, accipias illud mantile;

Tāng kÿ fán chê, lâ lá cheòu kīn

   吃飯時, 手巾

Dāng chīfàn shí, ná nà shǒujīn