June 16th, 2013

Огородное у френдессы

Meanwhile, I'm digging out as much of the couch grass (known locally as "twitch") from the shed end of the plot. Last year the wretched stuff grew through my potatoes. By which I don't just mean that it grew between the plants - I mean it grew through the actual tubers - wicked sharp roots, it's got. Evil stuff. I'm making a separate pile of the roots and when I've got lots of it I plan to burn it, Don't want that in my compost heap :(
пырей ползучий

Lost in translation?

«Я стоял в 20 сантиметрах от президента и своими ушами слышал, как мистер Крафт заявил, что дарит ему это кольцо», — заявил Песков.