March 28th, 2013

the sex

There were two things very singular in this, which set my brain to
work, and to no purpose: - the first was, why the man should ONLY
tell his story to the sex; - and, secondly, - what kind of story it
В данном случае "женщины". 


The English, like ancient medals, kept more apart, and passing but
few peoples' hands, preserve the first sharpnesses which the fine
hand of Nature has given them; - they are not so pleasant to feel,
- but in return the legend is so visible, that at the first look
you see whose image and superscription they bear. -


Excuse me, Monsieur le Count, said I; - as for the nakedness of your land, if I saw it, I should cast my eyes over it with tears in
them; - and for that of your women (blushing at the idea he had excited in me) I am so evangelical in this, and have such a fellow-
feeling for whatever is weak about them, that I would cover it with a garment if I knew how to throw it on: - But I could wish,
continued I, to spy the nakedness of their hearts, and through the different disguises of customs, climates, and religion, find out
what is good in them to fashion my own by: - and therefore am I come.

It is for this reason, Monsieur le Count, continued I, that I have not seen the Palais Royal, - nor the Luxembourg, - nor the Facade
of the Louvre, - nor have attempted to swell the catalogues we have of pictures, statues, and churches. - I conceive every fair being
as a temple, and would rather enter in, and see the original drawings and loose sketches hung up in it, than the Transfiguration
of Raphael itself.

Ну, Димон, ты молодец, зажег

«Я не понимаю людей, которые, условно, в блоге пишут: “Ну, Димон, ты молодец, зажег”. Он вам не “Димон”. Он — председатель правительства. Необязательно называть его Дмитрием Анатольевичем, но можно хотя бы Дмитрий и на “вы”? Это правила хорошего тона».

И эти люди учат нас не ковырять в носу?
UPD Если Димон такой нежный, сидел бы в кабинете и не рыпался. А раз вылез в Интернет, держи удар и не жалуйся.



Leben und Sitten deutscher Studenten

Als Anhang :

Die Studenten

Ein Lustspiel von Christof Stymmel

Geschrieben 1545.

F. Hermann Meyer




Es war damals nichts Ungewöhnliches, dass, wer einmal Student war, sein ganzes Leben lang im Stande eines solchen auf der Universität blieb. (Der älteste Student war wol der, welcher, 100 Jahre alt, 1638 in Leipzig starb.)