March 24th, 2013


In A Hand-book of Anglo-Saxon Rootwords there is a list of words under the heading The human body; Seeing.

Red, yellow, blue, white, black, dark, wan, green, brown, gray, dun, coal, flint, gold, gall, silver, glass, brass, brimstone, ash, sallow, radish, ruddy, swan, fair, foam, welkin, roach, tidy, blank, bright, look, blink, seek, stare, dye, neal, bleach, glaze, brand, reck, show, glisten, rust, glitter, twinkle, snow, frost, dew, lightning.

I cannot understand the word (a verb?) neal.

in much ruder terms that I did

Здесь смешная дискуссия из-за простого вопроса.
' has become a common practice to Russian speakers to come here with trivial questions.'
'Sadly, it has become a common practice for Russian speakers to be unnecessary sarcastic, if not agressive, toward others (even more so, to other Russians).
And yes, I'm a Russian too. Which makes me want to apologise sometimes.'
'because Russians would have immediately tell the poster, in her own language, likely in much ruder terms that I did, that he should spend his own rime rather than wasting theirs. Westerners are kinder, and therefore they are being used in such way.'
(орфография подлинника сохранена)