March 20th, 2013

Всё хорошо в меру

Вот здесь предлагается подобрать эквиваленты английской пословицы Bind the sack before it be full.
Я добавил следующие.
On lie bien le sac avant qu'il soit plein.

Lega il sacco quantunque non sia pieno.

Verschnüre den Sack, bevor er voll ist.

Испанского варианта не нашёл, поэтому тупо перевёл:  Ata el saco antes de que sea lleno.

Какие есть эквиваленты на иных языках?



A had workman quarrels with his tools. One who does not succeed, blames something else for his failure rather than himself.

­A hargain is a bargain. When an agreement has been made, it must be kept.

­A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Do not relinquish an advantage which you already have in possession, for a superior one which is uncertain.

­A burnt child dreads the fire. One will not knowingly or willingly repeat an experience which was painful or injurious to him.

­A cat has nine lives. A cat is more tenacious of life than animals in general.

­A constant guest is never welcome. If we visit our friends too much, they will not be glad to see us.

­A false report rides post. Falsehoods are circulated among the people very rapidly.

­A fault confessed is half redressed. To confess one's fault goes far towards remedying it.