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Признания душителя

I must say, however, that under his tuition I had become highly expert at all manly exercises ; I could use a gun, throw a spear, wrestle, knew the exact use of every description of sword, straight or crooked, single or double-edged, long or short, and in all these exercises there was not a lad of the village, and I may say of the country round, who could in any way compete with me.

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" It is necessary to your fully understanding this, said he, " that I should give you an outline of our belief in the Divine origin of our profession, which is intimately connected with the faith of the Hindoos, and by whom we Moosulmans have been instructed in the art of Thuggee."

“ This is wonderful indeed," said I ; " how do yon reconcile any connection between the faith of unbelievers and that of the blessed prophet ?"

“I cannot pretend to solve the difficulty, said my father ; " but as their religion is far more ancient than ours, and no doubt had a Divine origin, there are many points in it which one of the true faith may follow without offence, so that he does not join them in all their forms and professions. Indeed, this is impossible, as no one can become a Hindoo ; but, as I told yon before, Thuggee is one of the means, by which Alla works out his own ends ; and as the profession of it has been handed down to ns from ages, and becomes the fate of those who are called to follow it^ there is no possibility of avoiding the profession though one desired to do so ; and, as a direct consequence, no sin in assodating with Hindoos in the practice of it, from whom it has had its origin. Do you understand me ?"

" Perfectly," said I ; "it was not to question its propriety that I asked the question, but only to know how it was that Hindoo festivals were acknowledged and kept by us Moosulmans."

" The Dusera is the only one," said my father, " which is observed; and the reason of this is, that it is the fittest time of the year to commence our enterprises, and has been invariably kept sacred by all Hindoo Thugs. But I must tell you of the origin of Thuggee, that you may judge for yourself how ancient it is, and how well the instructions then given by Divine command have been followed up. In the beginning of the world, according to the Hindoos, there existed a creating and a destroying power, both emanations from the Supreme Being. These were, as a matter of consequence, at constant enmity with each other, which still continues. The creative power, however, peopled the earth so fast, that the destroyer could not keep pace with him, nor vras he allowed to do ; but was given permission to resort to every means he could devise to effect his objects. Among others, his consort Devee, Bhowanee, or Kalee, for she is known under these names and many others, constructed an image, into which, on this occasion, she was empowered to infuse the breath of life. No sooner was this effected, than she assembled a number of her votaries, whom she named Thugs. She instructed them in the art of Thuggee ; and to prove its efficacy, with her own hands destroyed before them the image she had made, in the manner which we now practise. She endowed the Thugs with superior intelligence and cunning, in order that they might decoy human beings to destruction, and sent them abroad into the world, giving them, as the reward of their exertions, the plunder they might obtain from those they put to death…

Кто чего боится

Chinese (Mandarin)
(Tiān bù pà, dì bù pà, zhǐ pà Guǎngdōng rén shuō Pŭtōnghuà)
I fear neither heaven nor earth, I only fear Cantonese speakers trying to speak Mandarin.

Chinese (Cantonese)
(Tìn m̀ gìng, deih m̀ gìng, jí gìng bākfòng yàhn góng Gwóngdùngwá m̀jeng)
I fear neither heaven nor earth, I only fear Mandarin speakers speaking Cantonese badly.

СУП опупел

Сегодня объявил о новом виде ЖЖ. Пишет, что во вкладке "друзья" отображаются первые 50, а чтобы посмотреть все, нужно кликнуть по многоточию. У меня есть только надпись "друзья", никто не отображается и многоточия нет. При клике на эту надпись ничпего не происходит. Пишут, что можно написать о своих впечатлениях, но кнопки "коммент" в этом их объявлении нету. 

The freedom of the press

Even the murderer, and the midnight robber, can sometimes attract the wandering ray of sympathy ; but the studied blasphemer, the profane scoffer, the brutal infidel, the hardened, venal, irreclaimable reviler of the Godhead, sees the doors of his dungeon close upon him, without even the barren consolation that some eye of pity beams with benignity for his fate. He is the most forlorn, the most despised of criminals.

Carlile, Richard (kärlĪlˈ), 1790–1843, English journalist, reformer, and freethinker. For his radical writings and efforts to secure the freedom of the press, he spent over nine years in prison. He republished suppressed works by Thomas Paine, William Hone, and others, brought out his own Political Litany (1817), and while he was imprisoned kept his weekly, the Republican, going (1819–26) with the help of his wife and sister.

See biography by G. A. Aldred (1923).

Адмирал Краун

Адмирал Краун

По происхождению шотландец, он находился на службе у русского царя. В июне 1818 года он прибыл в Кале, чтобы забрать оттуда русские войска и доставить в Петербург. Перед отплытием он заказал на противоположном берегу у своих знакомых поставщиков большое количество продовольствия. Подрядчики, хорошо его зная, в тот же день собрали флотилию мелких судов и прибыли с заказом в Кале. Но погода была неблагоприятной для сближения с русскими судами, и поэтому они бросили якорь в гавани Кале, чтобы подождать следующего дня. Но утром их окружили таможенники на своих судах и приказали заплатить сборы, как если бы они высадились на берег. Это неожиданное требование вызвало протест среди купцов. Им удалось отправить к адмиралу шестивёсельную шлюпку с сообщением о происшедшем и с просьбой о помощи. Адмирал Краун тот час же отправил своего офицера на берег к губернатору Кале с требованием немедленно освободить своих поставщиков под угрозой бомбардировки города в случае невыполнения сего требования в течение четверти часа. Губернатор попросил дать ему час времени, чтобы он мог телеграфировать в Париж для получения инструкций в таких необычных обстоятельствах. Адмирал на это не согласился и отдал приказ приготовиться к бомбардировке. Узнав об этом, губернатор приказал немедленно освободить купцов.

(Athenaeum, 1820.)

Арабская пословица

زوج من عودٍ حير من قعد

  عود ‘ūd  дерево

 قعد     сидеть

Mari de bois vaut mieux que de rester assise (à la maison paternelle). Лучше деревянный муж, чем остаться сидеть (в отцовском доме).

‘Ikd el-farid p. 348. Meyd. éd. Boûl. I, p.273.