March 24th, 2012

A kiss in the lips

A kiss in the lips

There was a wise person named Pope

To kiss his wife’s lips was his hope.

By crossing her legs

She broke Pope’s specs.

Since then poor Pope has to grope.

There was a young person named Pipps

Was eager to kiss his girl’s lips.

She pressed her legs tight.

To her utmost delight

Smashed were the specs of poor Pipps.

A daring young person named Knife

Liked to kiss the lips of his wife.

Once attacked deep at night

Pressing her legs in fright

She broke glasses of poor Mr Knife.

A near-sighted person named Ray

Tried to kiss his girl’s lips anyway.

Crossing nice legs in tights

She broke his sights.

Now poor Ray has to grope his way.

A near-sighted person named Nash

On kissing the slut’s lips had a mash.

For lack of the legs

She crossed wooden pegs.

His specs (poor Nash!) went to smash.

A girl was attacked deep at night

By a guy who had near sight.

To defend her nice sex

She broke the guy’s specs

By crossing her legs. She was right.