klausnick/莫罗佐夫·尼科莱/профан (klausnick) wrote,

ценная вещь

一 yat yi1 one
乙 yuet yi3 2nd heavenly stem, 2nd in order
丁 ding ding1 (surname), 4th heavenly stem zheng1
七 chat qi1 seven
乃 naai nai3 thereupon
九 gau jiu3 nine
了 liu le5 (part. of completion) liao3 to finish
二 yi er4 two
人 yan ren2 man/person/people
入 yap ru4 enter
八 baat ba1 eight
几 gei ji1 small table ji3 a few, how many
刀 do dao1 knife
刁 diu diao1 artful, wicked
力 lik li4 strength
匕 bei bi3 dagger, ladle
十 sap shi2 ten
卜 baak buk bu3 to divine
又 yau you4 again
三 saam saam san1 three
下 ha xia4 below, down, go down
丈 jeung zhang4 ten feet
上 seung shang3 shang4 above, go to, up
丫 a ya1 slave girl
丸 yuen wan2 pill
凡 faan fan2 whatever, worldly
Tags: китайский

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