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Peoples of all nations

Peoples of all nations

By J. A. Hammerton

Vol. I

Commerce and Industries
Main product of Russia  is grain, 47,000,000 tons being harvested in 1922. For same year 120,000 acres were under cotton. In 1921 salt production amounted to 993,000 ton , petroleum 4,807,000 in 1922. In 1922 4,476 dessiatines (1 dessiatine = 2.7 acres) were described as area of famine, 2,066 dessiatines as partial famine area, and 3,745 as productive non-famine area. Total value of imports in 1922 in millions of gold roubles at prices ruling in 1913 are estimated at 262,211 for 2,054,455 tons of goods, and exports similarly calculated were valued at 74,982 for 865,450 tons.  Main articles of import were foodstuffs, coal, and timber seed, and of export, timber and metal ores. 
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