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две Майи

P مايه māya (prob.=S. मातृका[НВ1] ), s.m. Source, root, origin, principle, essence, substance (cf. māwā); wealth, money, cash, means; capital (in trade), stock, principal; fund;—measure; quantity; amount;—ferment, leaven:—māya joṛnā, To amass wealth; to hoard money:—māya-dār, adj. Thick, solid, strong, substantial; rich, wealthy;—fermented. S مايا माया māyā, s.f. Extraordinary or supernatural power, magical or wonderful power;—illusion; trick, artifice, deceit, deception, fraud; delusion; jugglery; wickedness, villainy;—an illusory image or apparition, phantasm, phantom; anything unreal; a mirage; anything which deceives the sight; a show;—a deception depending on the power of the deity whereby mankind believe in the existence of external objects which are in fact purely ideal; the external world, natural phenomena, nature (considered as a mere illusion without reality, and personified in mythology as a female, the wife of Brahmā, and the immediate operative cause of the creation);—philosophic illusion, idealism;—the wife of a juggler;—a woman;—prosperity, opulence, riches; life; light;—compassion, pity, sympathy, mercy, kindness, affection, feeling:

[НВ1]1. мать 2. бабушка 3. магическая буква 4. алфавит
Tags: санскрит, фарси, хиндустани

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