klausnick/莫罗佐夫·尼科莱/профан (klausnick) wrote,

стишок для запоминания еврейского алфавита

Aleph is an Ox and here is its head,
Beth is a House where we all go to bed.

Gimel is a Camel, standing tall on his feet,
Daleth is a Door leading out to the street.

Heh is a Window, a hole in the wall,
Vav is a Tent Peg, important though small.

Zayin is a Sword to attack and repel,
Heth is the Fence behind which we can dwell.

Teth is a Serpent, deceptive and cunning,
Yod is a Fist, clenched tight and demanding,
Kaph is a Hand stretched out and inviting,
Lamed is an Ox Goad to get the beast moving.

Mem is the Water, sustaining our life,
Nun is the Fish being cooked by the wife.

Samek is a Prop to prevent the wall sagging,
Ayin is an Eye to let in God's light,
Peh is a Mouth uttering words of delight,
Tzadi is a Hook for the clothes to be hanging.

Qoph shows the Head as the child runs away,
Resh is his Head as he runs up to play.

Shin is a Tooth designed for impaction,
Tau is the Crossroads, the place of decision.
Tags: алфавит, иврит, мнемоника

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