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עָנַק a-nak. 1 He encompassed, encircled, as with a chain ; 2 rewarded, recompensed; 3 was generous, liberal, 3. m. s. Pret. K. f. s. Ps. 73: 6. Hiph. F. and Inf. Deut. 15: 14. As a n. m. s. עֲנָק A necklace, braclet, chain. Cant. 4: 9. m. p. Prov. 1: 9. f. p. Jud. 8: 26. Hence, עֲנָקים strong race of men, giants, warriors who encompassed the whole land, and terrified the inhabitants. Deut. 1: 28. In Rab. Heb. it means, strong, powerful gigantic, Bereshith, Rab. Sec. 65.. Arab عنق anaka. To seize, lay hold of, to collar, be very tall, of long continuance, LXX. Αναξ, A king, ruler, head man.
В синодальном переводе «сыны Енаковы», в современном переводе оставлено без перевода: анаким.
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