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Что за вино?

В  Оппенгейме,  курфальцском  городе,  мы  завтракали  и  пили  славное ниренштейнское вино, которое, однако ж, показалось мне не  так  хорошо,  как гохгеймское. 

Nierstein Wine

Nierstein is a famous wine-growing town in Rheinhessen, Germany. It sits on the banks of the Rhine river between Mainz and Worms, to the north-west of Oppenheim. This area is the second-largest wine-growing center in Rheinhessen, with 1935 acres (783ha) planted invines. Of these, the vast majority are white wine varieties, with Riesling dominating the best sites.

It is impossible to talk about Nierstein wine without mentioning the Rheinterrasse sub-region's famed Roter Hang (Red Slope). The iron-rich clay and sandstone soils of the slope give the formation its name, and are prized for the influence they exert on local vineyards. Typical descriptors used in conjunction with Nierstein wines are 'fragrant', 'delicate' and 'mineral', all of which can be attributed to the wines' ancient and unique terroir.

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