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The Order of Precedence.

Letter-writer's Vademecum and dictionary supplement
A complete handbook to the epistolary art
Edited by R. D. Blackman
p. 156
The Order of Precedence.
The Sovereign
Prince of Wales
Sons of the Sovereign
Grandsons of the Sovereign
Brothers of the Sovereign
Uncles of the Sovereign
Nephews of the Sovereign
Archbishop of Canterbury
Lord Chancellor
Archbishop of York
Archbishop of Armagh
Archbishop of Dublin
Lord President of Council
Lord Privy Seal
Lord Great Chamberlain Rank above all peers of their own degree
The Earl Marshal
Lord Steward
Lord Chamberlain of the Household
Dukes' eldest sons
Eldest sons of Marquises
Dukes' younger sons
Earls' eldest sons
Younger sons of Marquises
Bishop of London
Bishop of Durham
Bishop of Winchester
English Bishops (according to dates of consecration)
Bishop of Meath
Irish Bishops, created anterior to 1869, (according to their seniority of consecration)
Secretary of State (if a Baron)
Speaker of House of Commons
Commissioners of the Great Seal
Treasurer of the Household
Comptroller of the Household
Master of the Horse
Vice-Chamberlain of the Household
Secretaries of State, when below the rank of Barons
Eldest sons of Viscounts
Earls' younger sons
Eldest sons of Barons
Knights of the Garter
Privy Councillors
Chancellor of Exchequer
Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster
Lord Chief Justice of England
Master of the Rolls
Lords Justices of the Court of Appeal
Judges of the High Court (according to seniority)


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