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1 Animals
animal 1002 M animal
poisson 1616 M fish
chien 1744 M dog
cheval 2220 M horse
oiseau 2435 M bird
bete 2591 F beast
vache 2768 F cow
chat 3138 M cat
monstre 3353 M monster
virus 3382 M virus
boeuf 3914 M ox
loup 3927 M wolf
porc 4036 M pig
mouton 4175 M sheep
rat 4290 M rat
poule 4321 F hen
souris 4328 F mouse
singe 4739 M monkey
ours 4800 M bear
betail 4842 M livestock
cochon 4947 M pig
canard 5295 M duck
lion 5413 M lion
serpent 5574 M snake
puce 5788 F flea
lapin 5833 M rabbit
papillon 5979 M butterfly
dragon 6054 M dragon
chevre 6074 F nanny goat
saumon 6287 M salmon
moule 6520 F mussel
A Frequency Dictionary of French
Core vocabulary for learners
© 2009 Deryle Lonsdale and Yvon Le Bras
First published 2009 by Routledge 2 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4RN
Tags: английский язык, словарь, французский язык

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