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A.S. Tritton, Teach Yourself Arabic.

A.S. Tritton, Teach Yourself Arabic.

English Universities Press, 1956. Всего страниц: 296

В предисловии к этой книге есть такая фраза:

The Arab sits on the floor and eats with his fingers; when he wants to eat or sleep his food or bed is brought to him. The results is that many words indispensible in English, scarcely occur in accounts of native life. For ‘table’ Syria uses an Italian, Egypta Greek, and Mesopotamia a Persian word.

Один из бывших владельцев книги сделал на полях следующую приписку карандашом:

When the Arab before thousand years used to sit on the floor and eat with his fingers, Britishes used to be a fisherman or a pirate, who eats fish with bones or without any cooking or even eats human flesh. [орфография автора приписки сохранена]

Tags: арабский, учебник

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