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Equivocal words

Equivocal words

Address', v, to accost. — n. deportment ; dexterity, direction of a letter; a speech.

Air, a melody ; that which we breathe ; appearance.

An'gle, s. a corner. — v. to fish with a rod and hook.

Appa'rent, plain, visible; seeming, not real.

Arch, s. a curved roof. — a. mirthful ; chief.

Art, s. skill. — v. thou art.

Ax'is, that on which any thing revolves ; an animal.

Bach'elor, an unmarried man ; a university degree.

Bail, a surety ; the handle of a bucket, or kettle.

Bait, s. a temptation ; refreshment. — v, to worry with dogs.

Ball, a sphere ; an entertainment of dancing.

Bank, a heap of earth ; a financial institution.

Bar, a rail used to stop a passage ; the place where the criminal stands in court.

Bark, s. the rind of a tree ; a stout vessel. — v, to make the noise of dogs.

Baste, to pour the dripping over roasting meat [НВ1] ; to sew slightly[НВ2] .

Base, a. vile, worthless ; s. the foundation.

Bat, a stick to strike a ball ; a flying animal.

Bay, s. a tree ; a small gulf; a color. — v. to bark.

Beam, a large piece of timber; a ray of light.

Bear, v, to carry. — a rough savage animal.

Become', to enter into a new condition ; to befit.

{C}[НВ1]сбрызгивать жиром, поливать жиром (мясо во время приготовления)

{C}[НВ2]смётывать (крупными стежками); сшивать на живую нитку

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