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An introduction to Greek and Latin palaeography

An introduction to Greek and Latin palaeography


Henry Frowde, M.A.

Among the two-and-twenty signs adopted from the Phoenician, four, viz, aleph, he, yod, and ayin () were made to represent the vowel-sounds a,e,i,o, both long and short, the signs for e and o being also employed for the diphthongs ei and ou. The last sound continued to be expressed by the omikron alone to a comparatively late period in the history of the alphabet. The fifth vowel-sound u was provided for by a new letter, upsilon, which may have been a modification or 'differentiation' of the Phoenician wau (). This new letter must have been added almost immediately after the introduction of the Semitic signs, for there is no local Greek alphabet which is without it. Next was felt the necessity for distinguishing long and short e, and in Ionia, the aspirate gradually falling into disuse, the sign H, eta, was adopted to represent long e, probably before the end of the seventh century B.C. About the same time the long o began to be distinguished by various signs, that used by the Ionians, the omega, Ω, being perhaps a differentiation of the omicron. The age of the double letters Φ, Χ and Ψ, as they appear in the Ionian alphabet, must, as is evident from their position, be older than or at least coaeval with omega.
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