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Max Muller

Professor Max Muller says that "by putting together twenty-three or twenty-four letters in every possible variety we might produce every word that has ever been used in any language of the world. The number of these words, taking twenty-three letters as the basis, would be 25,852, 016,738,884,976,640,000, or, if we took twenty-four, would be 620,448,401,733,239,439,360,000 ; but," as the Professor warns us, in words the force of which will be manifest later on, "even these trillions, billions, and millions of sounds would not be words, because they would lack the most important ingredient — that which makes a word to be a word — namely, the different ideas by which they were called into life, and which are expressed differently in different languages." (Lectures on Language, ii. 8i.)

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