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tore in pieces the Bibles

Bishop Carpenter built a library for the use of the monastery of Exeter Church, in the Year 1461, over the charnal house; and endowed it with £ 10 per annum as a salary for an amanuensis. But the books deposited there were grievously destroyed during the civil wars; for on the twenty-fourth of September, 1642, when the army under the Earl of Essex came to Worcester, they set about "destroying the organ, breaking in pieces divers beautiful windows, wherein the foundation of the church was lively historified with painted glass;” they also "rifled the library, with the records and evidences of the church, tore in pieces the Bibles and service books pertaining to the quire[НВ1] ." Sad desecration of ancient literature! But the reader of history will sigh over many such examples.

[НВ1]= choir

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