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The Comic Latin Grammar

The Comic Latin Grammar

      A new and facetious introduction to the Latin tongue

By Percival Leigh

Illustrator: John Leech

A vowel is like an Æolian harp; it makes a full and perfect sound of itself. A consonant cannot sound without a vowel, any more than a horn (except such an one as Baron Munchausen’s) can play a tune without a performer.

Consonants are divided into mutes[НВ1] , liquids and double letters[НВ2] ; although they have nothing in particular to do with funerals, hydrostatics, or the General post office. The liquids are, l, m, n, r; the double letters, j, x, z; the other letters are mutes.

[НВ1]наемный участник похоронной процессии

[НВ2]A mail requiring double postage.

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